Auddict - Celestial Voices Ceres (KONTAKT)

Auddict - Celestial Voices Ceres Library for Kontakt of the soaring, unearthly vocals of Tanya Wells. Tania's impeccable vocals, perfected in India, sounded at the Cannes festival, and also recorded in 2014 for the film "Hercules". Beautiful library of female vocals. 

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With Celestial Voices Ceres Library, we aimed to capture as much of tone, style, artistic sound, and versatility in performance as we could, and as a result, you need only look at the screenshot below. Have a look at the range of the instrument, and then take a glance at the number of keyswitch notes available to you. Multiply these together, and you will have a rough idea of how deep and versatile this instrument really is. 

Full list of articulations:
- Sustains "aah, ooh, eeh and mmm"
- "Normal" and "portamento" legato for All above sounds, totaling EIGHT legato interval sets
- Mordents
- Up-bend
- Down-bend
- Turns
- Crescendo from nothing
- Whispers
- Complex Ornament
- Phrases
- Long Swells
- Short Swells


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