Sonixinema - London Boyd: 1920's Upright (KONTAKT)

Sonixinema Introduces London Boyd - 1920s Upright, Sonixinema's New Vertical Piano Library. This charming piano has graced the halls of some of London's finest establishments for most of the century. Its characteristic and deep timbre echoes the story that preceded it, which inspired us to transfer sound into this unique virtual instrument. 

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To get you started, we created 16 presets that range from warm and deep to broken and bizarre. They were designed to provide instant inspiration and allow you to create great music. In addition to this, we have provided a number of effects such as delay, reverb, distortion, and other sound shaping options to provide maximum control over the sound you want to create.
Recorded in a cramped living room in the heart of an English village, we focused on capturing the natural resonant character of the instrument. Using high-quality microphones such as the AKG C414 and DPA 4060, we wanted to record not only the tonal qualities of the piano, but also the mechanical sounds. To do this, we placed the DPA 4060 microphones very close to the mallets and keys in order to recreate the feeling of sitting in front of the piano and hear the delicate textures that really enliven it.


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