Rast Sound - India Vocals (KONTAKT)

Rast Sound - India Vocals for KONTAKT captures the vocal culture with the 3 best performers and offers many performances and instruments. India Vocals comes with endless improvisations, ready to play solo instruments with different styles and patterns full of inspiration. Native Instruments Discovery Series: India 

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Music is an integral part of people's lives in India. In collaboration with our Indian team, we have created the most detailed Indian vocal library ever published. We mixed folklore performances and patterns with solo instruments to offer rich possibilities. 2 performers and 1 man were recorded in detail in the form of improvisations, patterns, phrases, words and multisamples.

Over 1GB for Kontakt & WAV
250+ samples
100+ Patterns
10 Playable Solo, Pattern, Phrase Vocal Instruments
Midi & Learning Sheets to Understand Harmonies
Improvisations, Phrases & Words


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