Pré-venda - Synthage v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Pré-venda - Synthage v1.1 For KONTAKT is a library of vintage instruments for the KONTAKT sampler (Pads, Piano electro / acoustics, Choirs, Strings, Copper, Clavisins ...). Add through the library manager. Pré-venda - Synthage v1.3.3 (KONTAKT)

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Pré-venda - Synthage v1.1 includes patches Ambient Synth Pad, Bell Pad, Bosendorfer Imperial, Boys Choir Ah/Oh, Case 73 Soft, Case 75 Medium, Case 78 Hard, CFX Premium, CFX Premium Damper, Chamber Strings, Clavi Amp, CP80, Dark Atmo Pad, Deep Dreams, DX Crisp, DX FM EP, DX Legend, E.Piano, Etheral, FM Dyno, FM Heavenly Pad, FM Piano DA, FM Roads, Full Concert Grand, Full Tine, Luminuos, Nativity, Natural Grand, Rich Strings, Road to Nowhere, Romance Strings, S700, Seattle Sections, Smooth BPF, Strings and Brass, SuperDynoChorus, SuperDynoTines, The FM E.Piano, Touch Clavi, TX816 E.Piano, Upright Piano, Urban EP.


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