Past to Future Reverbs - 1880 ACOUSTIC GUITAR (KONTAKT)

Past to Future Reverbs - 1880 ACOUSTIC GUITAR for KONTAKT is Amazing sounding German Romantic guitar from 1880 by Karl Ruckmich. We took this steel string track and sampled it with them. Sounds like an ancient Martin guitar. The intonation isn't very good, but we think that's part of the charm!

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We recorded this guitar using Schoeps microphones in digital stereo as well as mono to analog TAPE.
The first tape has the most distinctive character. Digital stereo is clean and pleasant, with an excellent stereo field. We recommend the No Round Robin instruments for chordal pieces and the RR instruments for one-line pieces. 

- ACOUSTIC GUITAR 1880 FOR KONTAKT 5.5.2 (24bit/48kHz)
- easy to use interface
- “Circle Behavior” and “Physical Simulation Speed Technique” for greater game realism.
- mixable binaural reverb
- dry samples
- ready-to-play sound


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