Kirk Hunter Studios - Spotlight Strings 4D (KONTAKT)

Kirk Hunter Studios - Spotlight Strings 4D for NI KONTAKTwas programmed to follow your playing style intuitively. No need for excessive keyswitching and feature changes. Simply put, it's fun to play. Spotlight Strings 4D presents modern, easy-to-use interface.  Kirk Hunter Studios - Front Row Violins (KONTAKT)

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Customizable control
Despite the easy-to-use Spotlight 4D interface, you still get all the necessary management features. Almost every function and articulation can be assigned to a controller or key switch.

Kirk Hunter Studios - Spotlight Strings 4D included:
1. Solos
4 independently-mixable soloists per instrument. Layering up to 4 soloists over an ensemble provides depth and realism. And the vibrato and dynamic control of these soloists is like none other out there.

2. Chamber Ensemble
4 Violins
4 Violas
3 Cellos
2 Double Basses

3. Studio Ensemble
8 Violins
6 Violas
6 Cellos
3 Double Basses

4. Symphonic Ensemble
16 Violins
12 Violas
12 Cellos
6 Basses


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