Gospel Musicians - MKS-20 Piano Module MKSensation (KONTAKT)

Gospel Musicians - MKS-20 Piano Module MKSensation for NI KONTAKT is one of the most revered electric and digital piano modules ever made. The MKS-20 used a technology called SAS (Structured / Adaptive Synthesis) which was designed to emulate a real piano with a ton expressiveness per velocity. 

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This was Roland's answer to a piano and EP that didn't require samples to produce the sound. As a result, this module is revered in gospel circles and still used today. The best thing about the library is that you can mix and layer sounds as you wish, which is completely impossible on the module. Imagine the Dyno of the o1w, the Power Grand, the EP's of the TX816, Synth Brass, synths, strings, and pads to go along with it--All of which can be layered and mixed as desired.


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