Adam Monroe Music - Wurlitzer (KONTAKT)

Adam Monroe Music - Wurlitzer for KONTAKT is a virtual Instruments, an early 1970’s Wurlitzer 200A. The process began with the backing up of Wurlitzer piano speakers and a Beyerdynamic MC930 condenser microphone and an AEA R84 ribbon microphone through a line-out via Reverb Amp Fender Deluxe. 

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These signals were fed to the Grace M101 and AEA TRP preamps. The signals from the wurlitzer amplifier and preamplifier were summed up in an attempt to maintain the gain. But about halfway through the sampling process, the amplifier died, which ultimately killed the power transformer. The preamplifier, amplifier and power transformer were replaced and sampling continued. When sampling of bass notes began, it became apparent that the built-in speakers of the Wurlitzer also needed to be replaced.
When sampling, the low frequencies strongly dominated, so the samples were processed by the equalizer, so that later there was an opportunity to better sit them in the mix. It was the most temperamental instrument we have ever sampled!
Some samples have added simple linear distortion, and some have built-in reverb.


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