Performance Samples - Oceania (KONTAKT)

Performance Samples - Oceania for NI KONTAKT is a choir library for thematic writing. It is built from a variety of performance based resources that provide spontaneity, energy and cohesion of syllables. An integral part of Oceania is the ability to handle changes in phrase length and playback speed. 

Download: Performance Samples - Oceania (KONTAKT)

Adam Monroe Music - Wurlitzer (KONTAKT)

Adam Monroe Music - Wurlitzer for KONTAKT is a virtual Instruments, an early 1970’s Wurlitzer 200A. The process began with the backing up of Wurlitzer piano speakers and a Beyerdynamic MC930 condenser microphone and an AEA R84 ribbon microphone through a line-out via Reverb Amp Fender Deluxe. 

Download: Adam Monroe Music - Wurlitzer (KONTAKT)

F9 Audio - F9 iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult

F9 Audio - F9 iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult is just proud to present the most useful of the modern funk libraries and disco guitars available today. The library supports formats: AIFF, EXS24, REX2, WAV, KONTAKT, ABLETON, LOGiC, STUDIO ONE. 

Download: F9 Audio - F9 iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult

Prominy - SR5 Rock Bass v1.12b (KONTAKT)

Prominy - SR5 Rock Bass v1.12b for KONTAKT True MusicMan® StingRay®5 sound includes more than 15 gigabytes *, approx. 14,000 samples. SR5 Rock Bass allows you to compose and create natural bass tracks that mimic playing on a real bass guitar. 

Download: Prominy - SR5 Rock Bass v1.12b (KONTAKT)

Ghosthack - Ultimate Vocal Library (Wav)

We proudly present one our best sample packs – the Ultimate Vocal Library. We hired 4 professional female singers who recorded full songs, phrases, chants, ad libs and one-words at the highest quality. So, this package features 356 different vocal files as a dry as well as a wet version.

Download: Ghosthack - Ultimate Vocal Library (Wav)


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