Splash Sound - Indie Voices / Vocal library (KONTAKT)

Indie Voices is a vocal library for NI KONTAKT, intended for the production of indie, rock, pop and folk music. All voices are the voices of professional vocalists, and the recording was made using Class A equipment. We have made the process of adding backing vocals to your tracks easier than ever.

Download: Splash Sound - Indie Voices / Vocal library (KONTAKT)

Pré-venda - Synthage v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Pré-venda - Synthage v1.1 For KONTAKT is a library of vintage instruments for the KONTAKT sampler (Pads, Piano electro / acoustics, Choirs, Strings, Copper, Clavisins ...). Add through the library manager. Pré-venda - Synthage v1.3.3 (KONTAKT)

Download: Pré-venda - Synthage v1.1 (KONTAKT)

TH Studio Production - MYSTIC PIANO (KONTAKT)

TH Studio Production presents MYSTIC PIANO. Beautiful, classic, romantic piano for your music tracks. MYSTIC PIANO is a classic Austrian high-class instrument. The sound is soft, silk, dynamic and realistic. Recorded with very highly sensitive microphones in 3 positions. Another great product from TH Studio Production - The Grand Piano (KONTAKT)

Download: TH Studio Production - MYSTIC PIANO (KONTAKT)

Piotr Nowotnik - Lira Korbowa III burDron (KONTAKT)

Piotr Nowotnik - Lira Korbowa III burDron - this instrument is assembled entirely from the modified "Burdon" string Polish barrel organ. The originally recorded Lyra is usually tuned to C / G; however, for this Kontakt library, each of its drones was reconfigured and recorded in a 24bit more authentic sound. "Lira Korbowa-Pack Three" is the third part of the hurdy-gurdy collection. 

Download: Piotr Nowotnik - Lira Korbowa III burDron (KONTAKT)

TyphoonSounds - Phantom X (KONTAKT)

TyphoonSounds - Phantom X is a library of sounds from the powerful Roland Fantom X workstation. This includes all the best presets from the hardware model. Roland Fantom X is one of the most popular and professional workstations. This library allows you to have the sounds of this tool on your computer. 

Download: TyphoonSounds - Phantom X (KONTAKT)


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