Synth Magic - Vermon (KONTAKT)

Synth Magic - Vermon (KONTAKT) - Samples of our rare Vermona Piano Strings synthesizer were taken as the basis, and we also created a highly processed sample using valves, distortions, filters, ribbons and ensembles. Anything from Ambient, to rock, Kraut rock, Air/Zero seven chill out, house music and edm styles, 60's Joe Meek, 60's experimental. 

Download: Synth Magic - Vermon (KONTAKT)

Rast Sound - India Vocals (KONTAKT)

Rast Sound - India Vocals for KONTAKT captures the vocal culture with the 3 best performers and offers many performances and instruments. India Vocals comes with endless improvisations, ready to play solo instruments with different styles and patterns full of inspiration. Native Instruments Discovery Series: India 

Download: Rast Sound - India Vocals (KONTAKT)

Castle Instruments - SEIKO DS-250 (KONTAKT)

Castle Instruments - SEIKO DS-250 for KONTAKT is relies on some form of additive synthesis to create its sound and produces tones that are not clean and pristine, but instead have a wonderful earthy, organic and grainy sound that have bags of character. The DS250 has a built-in set of presets, and it allows you to add two presets by pressing the double softkey to select layer 1 and layer 2; it’s a little awkward to press these buttons, so in our version there are only two sets of 16 preset selection buttons, which is much easier. 

Download: Castle Instruments - SEIKO DS-250 (KONTAKT)

NEO - Soundstation (KONTAKT)

NEO - Soundstation for KONTAKT is a classic workstation experience! NeO offers a high-quality palette of instruments from piano and organs to drums, symphonic strings and much more. The small amount of RAM NeO means that it can work on almost any system that supports NI Kontakt

Download: NEO - Soundstation (KONTAKT)

Evolution Series - World Colors Bawu (KONTAKT)

Bawu is a Chinese wind instrument. Despite the fact that it has the shape of a flute, in fact it is a reed-coated instrument with one metal tongue. The bawu likely originated in the Yunnan province of southwest China, it has become a standard instrument throughout China, used in modern Chinese compositions for traditional instrument ensembles. Ilya Efimov - Bawu (KONTAKT)

Download: Evolution Series - World Colors Bawu (KONTAKT)


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