Rigid Audio - Sodium (KONTAKT)

Rigid Audio - Sodium for KONTAKT is a creative drum sequencer that has four drum sequencers - each of them has four separate drum sounds and 32 steps (divided into two combinations of switch keys). It also comes with hundreds of drum sounds included. (You can also import your own WAV samples using drag and drop). 

Download: Rigid Audio - Sodium (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Pharlight (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Pharlight for KONTAKT is a granular vocal instrument for artists, composers, musicians and sound engineers developed by the STRAYLIGHT team. Its unique sample library contains unconventional sounds designed and recorded specifically for two unique playback modules. Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT)

Download: Native Instruments - Pharlight (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys v1.5 WIN/MAC (Update Only)

Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys v1.5 WIN/MAC (Update Only). Together with Danish pattern expert Thomas Skarby (better known by his company name Scarbee) and impulse response expert Ernest Ololakis, Alisha Keyes created a virtual piano that meets her professional standards and embodies the soulful sound that has become her trademark as a superstar. Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys

Download: Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys v1.5 WIN/MAC (Update Only)

Rhythmic Robot Audio - HT 6000 (KONTAKT)

Rhythmic Robot Audio - HT 6000 for KONTAKT released in 1987, the HT-6000 came just as Casio was making a determined effort to carve out a swathe of the pro audio market. Machines like the CZ-1 phase distortion synth had already staked a claim, suggesting that Casio needn’t just be known for home keyboards; the follow-up FZ-1 sampler was a real eye-opener, offering 16-bit sampling at a shocking low price. 

Download: Rhythmic Robot Audio - HT 6000 (KONTAKT)

Synth Magic - Vermon (KONTAKT)

Synth Magic - Vermon (KONTAKT) - Samples of our rare Vermona Piano Strings synthesizer were taken as the basis, and we also created a highly processed sample using valves, distortions, filters, ribbons and ensembles. Anything from Ambient, to rock, Kraut rock, Air/Zero seven chill out, house music and edm styles, 60's Joe Meek, 60's experimental. 

Download: Synth Magic - Vermon (KONTAKT)


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