Sonixinema - Brute Flute (KONTAKT)

Sonixinema - Brute Flute for KONTAKT is the first unparalleled double bass flute library in cinematic sampling. Recorded in exceptional detail and captivating a range of cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and expressive true legato, this remarkable library contains a supremely unique and inspiring set of sounds. 

Download: Sonixinema - Brute Flute (KONTAKT)

Echo Sound Works - Loft Piano (KONTAKT)

Echo Sound Works - Loft Piano for KONTAKT is a distinctive piano like nothing else. We wanted to create a piano with both character and versatility. Usually piano libraries are either one or the other. Certain pianos often only work on a limited range of songs, while more versatile pianos can sound outdated and boring. 

Download: Echo Sound Works - Loft Piano (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds - Dulciano (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds - Dulciano for KONTAKT is a grand piano played with dulcimer hammers. This unique hybrid instrument reproduces a tone similar to a dulcimer or cymbals, but longer strings and a larger piano deck give the instrument a richer tone and longer sustain. The instrument also has a much wider range of reproduction than standard dulcimer or cymbals (A0 to E6). 

Download: Fracture Sounds - Dulciano (KONTAKT)

Ample Sound - Ample Guitar Semi Hollow 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64

Ample Sound - The Ample Guitar Semi Hollow 3 is modeled on the Gibson ES 335 semi-empty fingerstyle guitar pickup and sounds warm and soft. Suitable for Jazz Fusion and Blues genres. 

Download: Ample Sound - Ample Guitar Semi Hollow 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64

Umlaut Audio - uBEAT Elektro (KONTAKT)

Umlaut Audio - uBEAT Elektro for KONTAKT features inspiring beats, intuitive workflow, electronic pulsing beats to move your music. Combining a traditional MIDI file library with an eight-pad drum machine, Umlaut Audio's uBEAT Hybrid kicks your tracks up instantly with an intuitive workflow. 

Download: Umlaut Audio - uBEAT Elektro (KONTAKT)


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