iZotope - RX 8 Audio Editor Advanced x64 (Win)

iZotope - RX 8 Audio Editor Advanced has long been a popular audio repair and polish package for movies, TV, music, podcasts, video games, sample libraries and more. In RX 8, we've created new tools and improved favorite modules to help you achieve more in less time than ever. 

Download: iZotope - RX 8 Audio Editor Advanced x64 (Win)

PreSonus - Studio One 5 Professional v5.1.0 (Win)

PreSonus - Studio One 5 Professional v5.1.0 is designed with ease of use in mind and is your creative partner from studio to stage. The start page provides everything you need to get started with your creative process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and shows, as well as a personalized user profile that lets you add your own metadata to all of your creations. 

Download: PreSonus - Studio One 5 Professional v5.1.0 (Win)

iZotope - RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7 (macOS)

iZotope RX7 is a program for restoration and advanced sound processing. IZotope has released the seventh generation of RX software, which simplifies audio recovery and processing. New features based on years of extensive research in digital signal processing and machine learning open up new creative possibilities for working with soundtracks of any genre. For Windows: iZotope - RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7

Download: iZotope - RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7 (macOS)

Sonic Scores - Overture x64 (Win)

Sonic Scores - Overture 5 provides powerful editing and typing tools for musical notation, a linear view - allows you to edit music with a single horizontal display of measures. The touch interface allows you to click buttons and controls in the same way as with a mouse. 64-Bit and VST 3 support. Steinberg - Dorico 1

Download: Sonic Scores - Overture x64 (Win)

Billion Chords v1.0 (Win)

Billion Chords v1.0 - The Most Powerful Guitar Chord Collection in the World! With over 1 billion chords available to you, with thousands of guitar chord change options. You can even get all kinds of structural chord combinations, or the most complex chords in the world. 

Download: Billion Chords v1.0 (Win)

Celemony - Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.4.001 (WIN)

Celemony - Melodyne Studio 4 allows you to work with sound in a completely new way, edit vocals and instruments in your tracks in height and duration, change harmonics and tempo. The fantastic editing capabilities, outstanding sound quality, intuitive and musical controls make Melodyne an incomparable tool without which it is difficult to imagine modern music. Celemony - Melodyne Studio 5

Download: Celemony - Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.4.001 (WIN)

iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7.01 x86 x64 (Win)

iZotope RX Advanced is the most complete sound restoration software on the market today, a unique stand-alone application designed from the ground up to deal with the full range of audio problems. In addition to the unique technological qualities that ensure maximum results, the powerful tools built into the RX can also produce high-quality sound processing that conventional restoration products are incapable of. 

Download: iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7.01 x86 x64 (Win)

Steinberg - Dorico 1.1 x64 (Multilang) (Win)

The company Steinberg has released a new package for musical notation - Dorico. According to the developer, this is the most flexible musical editor of all presented on the market. In particular, the package allows you to work in an open (arbitrary) size, freely rearrange the clock features and at the same time maintain the rhythmic purity of the recording.  For comparison with PreSonus - Notion 5

Download: Steinberg - Dorico 1.1 x64 (Multilang) (Win)

Bitwig Studio 2.2.2 (macos/ubuntu/windows) 2.2.2 Release x64

Bitwig Studio is a powerful digital workstation (DAW) that offers the most current capabilities of professional DAWs such as Ableton Live, Apple Logic or Steinberg Cubase in a new, modern interpretation. 

Download: Bitwig Studio 2.2.2 (macos/ubuntu/windows) 2.2.2 Release x64

PG Music - Band-in-a-Box 2017 (WIN.OSX) x86

The award-winning Band-in-a-Box 2017 program is very easy to use! Simply enter the chords of any song using the standard chord notation (such as C, Fm7 or C13b9), select the style you want, and the rest will be made by Band-in-a-Box. Band-in-a-Box automatically creates finished professional-quality arrangements using pianos, bass, drums, guitar and strings in a wide range of popular styles - jazz, pop, country, blues, classics, Latin American music, rock and many others. 

Download: PG Music - Band-in-a-Box 2017 (WIN.OSX) x86


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