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Have Audio - BALKAN CLARINET for KONTAKT is a new playable Bb clarinet that captures the style and nuances of Balkan music and beyond. It is ideal for a variety of musical genres, from jazz, pop, traditional music, scores in the spirit of Goran Bregović and world music. 

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Native Instruments - Session Bassist Icon Bass (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - The Session Bassist Icon Bass for KONTAKT combines the power and versatility of one of the greatest basses that has stood the test of time. Carefully selected from the popular 1989 American model, it contains a wide range of riffs, loops and melodies composed and performed by top session bass players. With the addition of active electronics, ICON BASS is perfect for when you need an extra chord for rumbling rock riffs, furious funk fills and pop parts that create an impactful sound. 

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Antonov Samples - Acoustic Rhythm (KONTAKT)

Antonov Samples - Acoustic Rhythm is a new acoustic guitar for NI Kontakt. With this tool, you can easily create your own acoustic rhythm guitar phrases and chord progressions for your music. The sound is very bright, balanced, realistic and amazing. Explore the authentic sounds of acoustic rhythms with Antonov Samples latest sample pack.

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Native Instruments - Utopia (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Utopia (KONTAKT) A set of tools for creating trance. Tap into the euphoric energy of trance with an entire anthology of invigorating sounds. 

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Native Instruments - Karriem Riggins Drums (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Karriem Riggins Drums for KONTAKT features kits and one-shots created by the groundbreaking hip-hop producer and jazz drummer. Intricate drum grooves simplified with manual controls. 

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Junior Porciuncula - W10 (KONTAKT)

Junior Porciuncula - W10 (KONTAKT)Junior Porciuncula has launched a new library - Fantasy. It is based on the Korg 01 / W. The creator's goal is to create extremely high quality tones. This is an alternative for those who don't have or can't afford a Fantom keyboard. 

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FL Studio Producer Edition 20.9.2 2963 x64

FL Studio Producer Edition 20 is one of the best software for creating your own music. With it, you can create your own tracks of any style. The program has all the necessary functions for working with sound: recording, mixing, mastering, and also has a large number of synthesizers and virtual plug-ins. 

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Simple Sam Samples - Signature Grand (KONTAKT)

Simple Sam Samples - Signature Grand for KONTAKT is a 9ft Model D concert grand piano recorded in a beautiful hall/stage. The instrument naturally excels in film and classic applications, but the user can create a sound suitable for almost any playing style.

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Native Instruments - Play Series: DUETS v1.0.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Play Series: DUETS v1.0.0 for KONTAKT vocal and key hybrid instrument: Multi-sampled vocals meet synths and keyboards to create brilliant pop, hip-hop and R&B. Create expressive melodies and rich harmonies with riffs and parts Explore 151 customizable presets for vocals, leads, basses and pads.Part of the Play series: Great-sounding presets and real-time controls in an intuitive interface.

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Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK) is an expansion for EZbass designed to cover one of the most iconic and defining eras in popular music history: the sixties. The library was recorded using two completely different playing styles: one using a finger and the other with palm muting with a pick. This gives you two contrasting views of the same instrument and a tonal range spanning the full width from traditionally dull to harsh and vibrant. 

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Fluffy Audio - Simple Opera Singer (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Simple Opera Singer for KONTAKT. Ji Min Oh is one of those singers who made her voice an instrument: from the softest, most delicate nuances to the purest fortissimo, her timbre is pure, precise, powerful, but at the same time expressive and touching. 

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Heavyocity - Mosaic Pads (KONTAKT)

Heavyocity - Mosaic Pads for KONTAKT transforms an array of hand-crafted synth sounds into a wide range of cinematic possibilities, delivering a dynamic collection of otherworldly, ambient and atmospheric textures guaranteed to elevate your sonic palette. 

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