Toontrack - Post Rock EZX (WIN OSX)


Toontrack - Post Rock EZX (WIN OSX) for EZdrummer 2 quality drums instruments, tailored for post-rock, but reaching way beyond any genre.
The Post-Rock EZX, combined with the powerful framework of EZdrummer 2, gives you an unparalleled creative palette to start painting your percussive soundscapes – from mellow to intense, from restrained to dramatic. 

Toontrack - Post Rock EZX sample library collection of rich, deep and complexly textured drums that are allowed to breathe, seek and seep through to the forefront of your mix. Welcome to possibly the world’s most comprehensive palette of drums tailored for post-rock – kits fit for anything from the most subtle, open soundscapes to explosive outbursts and crescendos.

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