Orange Tree Samples - Pure Jazz Vibes (KONTAKT)

Orange Tree Samples Pure Jazz Vibes was getting a pristine, yet natural vibraphone tone. We auditioned several vibraphones, finally selecting a 70's Musser Century Vibraphone due to its classic, warm tone. One quintessential element of vibraphone playing is the tremolo fan. When enabled, these fans rotate, closing and opening the tops of the resonators to alternate between an open and muted tone. Pure Jazz Vibes uses advanced scripting to model the fan movement and produce ultra-realistic tremolo.

4 dynamic layers, up to 7x round-robin, chromatically sampled
- Separately controllable close, mid, and far mic positions
- Modeled tremolo with adjustable speed and depth
Quality: 24-bit 48 kHz stereo
Size: 3.19 GB


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