Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Texas Twang (KONTAKT)

Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Texas Twang for KONTAKT - record a custom-made guitar telecaster-style with one cut and two pickups with one pick-up. A pickup gives a patina perfect for a percussive sound and bright crunchy tones, while a fretboard will provide a rich, full sound just for soft tones. Since we recorded both pickup signals separately, you can dial any combination you want.

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The guitar was played and recorded by Chris Bullard, an experienced session guitarist and aspiring country singers. Chris Bullard’s experience as a touring artist in Texas and Nashville adds an authentic atmosphere to guitar samples. The clarity and elegance of his guitar playing are heard in many of the articulations included in the library, from the chosen game to articulations, especially useful in country music, such as tweaks with your fingers.
The library was developed in collaboration with William Dergank, who oversaw the development of the project, as well as edited guitar samples and contributed factory presets. His attention to detail was invaluable, setting the bar high for library quality. The sample set also went through the distortion pedal as an amplified signal. This pedal, well-known among country-style guitarists, is modeled by the legendary warm, overwhelmed sound of the Trainwreck amplifier.
Evolution Texas Twang is equipped with our Evolution guitar engine, which offers you many possibilities: an innovative strum editor, automatic chord detection and a powerful effects mechanism. The library includes many factory presets for ready-to-use classic and modern tones of Country electric guitars that fit right into the mix.


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