Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Hollowbody Blues (KONTAKT)

Orange Tree Samples presents Evolution Hollowbody Blues, faithful reproduction of classical electric guitar, reproduction of classical semi-hollow electric guitar. If you are familiar with blues legends such as B. B. King, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton, you will immediately recognize this timeless guitar tone. All the nuances of this classic guitar were carefully recorded for maximum tonal flexibility. 

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Evolution Hollowbody Blues contains several round-robin and three dynamic layers for a wide range of expressive games. These specifications cover articulations such as sustains, palm mutes, squeals, natural harmonics, etc. The library also includes advanced technical features such as legato articulations and effects such as string slaps, string scrapes, divebombs and fret noises. Realism and the authenticity of the sound of this instrument will surely take you to the heart of bluesy sound.

- Built-in effects engine for instantly-usable blues guitar tones.
- Adjustable pick position using our proprietary physical modeling technology.
- Powerful mapping system that lets you set how you want to trigger articulations, using conditions such as velocity ranges, MIDI CCs, latching and non-latching keyswitches, and more.
- Multitracking up to quadruple tracking.
Sampling specifications:
- 13.4 GB (compressed to 4.51 GB using the lossless NCW audio format) of 24-bit samples.
- Articulations such as sustains, palm mutes, mutes, natural harmonics, plus special effects like string slaps, divebombs, and more.
- MIDI articulations for instant octaves, grace notes, buzz trills, whole-step slides, whole-step hammer-ons, and slides (velocity-based and tempo-synced).
- Legato samples for slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.
- The articulations have 3 dynamics, 2 pick directions (when applicable), and 2x round-robin.


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