Orange Tree Samples - CoreBass Pear (KONTAKT)

Orange Tree Samples - CoreBass Pear for KONTAKT is a contrabass having a characteristic "dusty", slightly broken sound. Ideal for jazz. This is an updated version: the library is optimized for low CPU usage, a new script and interface are embedded. 

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Orange Tree Samples - CoreBass Pear is an upright bass sample library for KONTAKT 4 / 5, and a new standard for highly-realistic, playable upright bass samples. Using KONTAKT's powerful scripting engine, CoreBass Pear intelligently interprets the input from your MIDI controller (or sequenced MIDI data) in order to produce realistic upright bass tracks.  CoreBass Pear has many features which set it apart from other upright bass sample libraries. For example, CoreBass Pear includes a fretless slide technology which allows you to seamlessly slide from one note to any other at any speed. It also debuts our new Dynamic Key Color system, which lets you see which MIDI notes are being played by which strings on the bass--directly on your KONTAKT keyboard.

The library was sampled both using a mic and directly from the output of the bass pickup--two separate signals which can be mixed to create a variety of different upright bass tones. CoreBass Pear includes a variety of different ready-to-use presets.


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