Cinematique-Instruments - GECKO Kaleidoscope v1.5 (KONTAKT)

Cinematique-Instruments - GECKO Kaleidoscope v1.5 works under new version of Gecko: now each slot is equipped with a separate high-performance lowpassfilter, pitch, reverb and delay. The concept of Gecko is based on the simultaneous use of up to 6 sounds - each of them can be loaded into sound slots. Gecko Kaleidoscope provides 38 well-prepared sources of sound. There are many possibilities. 

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Our major goal was the creation of deep ambient pads and mellow spheres. In order to forfill the needs of complex pads we pushed the Gecko concept a little bit forward. Now, each of the six slots is equipped with a separate pitch, high- and lowpass filter, reverb and delay knob. Beside the Fly Table feature we now included the ability of moving frequencies for the master low- and highpass filter. Furthermore we increased the amount of sound sources from about 20 to 47 sounds. The sound sources are divided into 3 groups :

- an organic area with feedbacks, distortions, bells, solo violins or bowed strings
- a keys area with sounds from old classical synthesizers
- a fx area with noise, hizz, crackle and field recording.

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