Cinematique Instruments - Ensemblia v.1.5 (Kontakt)

Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia - the sounds of the modern chamber orchestra, which makes it easy to write organic and truly natural music. Selected range of classical instruments together with a fine mixture of unique sounds ready for your cinematic track - drama and comedy, or may even embellish your pop and R'n'B tracks. 

Ensemblia 1.5 has 6 instruments more than the previous version. Beside a new Double Bass in legato, pizzicato, staccato and spiccato, we added some instruments of our recent library such as the short, long and tremolo version of the Bowed Guitars, the short version of Tuba and Bass Trombone, the Magnus Organ, a Sawtooth synth and the Electric Piano of the EK-470 mkII. Finally we exchanged the sample set of the Baritone Ukulele. Cinematique Instruments - Ensemblia 1.5 has now 17 instruments. This makes it more versatile for a wider range of styles.

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