Orange Tree Samples - Passion Flute

Orange Tree Samples - Passion Flute captures the heart of jazz/rock flute with extensive multi-samples and a powerful Native Instruments KONTAKT script. Passion Flute is optimized for easy keyboard performance, and includes support for wind/breath controllers. The microphone signals were completely unaffected, so Passion Flute’s real-time mixing control starts all the way back with the raw audio signals. Speaking of mixing, we also included the ability to import and export your flute mix presets. 

Orange Tree Samples - Passion Flute sampled  in 48,000 kHz, 24-bit, which is a great balance between size on your hard drive (affecting the library’s load time and memory usage) and audio fidelity. That’s over 4,600 samples, totaling 1.15 GB of flute samples. Furthermore, we sampled the flute with five different microphones, everything from modern condenser mics to a vintage ribbon mic, giving you flexibility to mix the flute however you want--or pick from the included factory presets.


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