Orange Tree Samples - Cherry Electric Bass

Cherry Electric Bass from Orange Tree Samples combined the most common bass playing techniques fingered, muted fingered, picked, muted picked, and slapped articulations into a detailed, easy-to-use solution for virtual bass. Cherry Electric Bass has over 2.5 GB of samples (compressed via Kontakt's lossless NCW compression to 1.4 GB), powered by extensive scripting to maximize these samples, not only making the sample library ultra-realistic, but very playable and easy to sequence with.

We sampled the five-string bass all the way down to its low B string, giving you plenty of room in the low notes. The bass was sampled directly from its output jack (DI), giving you the freedom of applying your own EQ, compressor, and other effects. Even completely dry, the bass has a full, deep tone, and easily fits right into any mix. Whether you're sequencing the bass track note by note or performing it live from a MIDI keyboard, the combination of high quality samples and extensive scripting makes your bass track sound like a live bassist.

Key Features:

- Over 2.5 GB of 24-bit samples (compressed to 1.4 GB using Kontakt's lossless NCW compression)
- Sampled down to a low B
- Up to 8x round-robin
- Automatic hammer-on, pull-off, slide up, slide down legato articulations
- Customizable mapping system that allows you to map the articulations by velocity, controller, keyswitch, or whichever method you prefer
- Lots of effects, such as slides, muted notes, fret noises, string slaps, an


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