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Indiginus Acoustic Guitar Collection with StrumMaker 3

Indiginus Acoustic Guitar Collection - A 1955 Martin D-28, a Guild JF 30, a Taylor 410, and a Silvertone nylon-string guitar transformed into dynamic sampled instruments with an emphasis on feel and playability.
StrumMaker III (included) allows you to create your own strumming patterns using any chords you like, with the ability to create your own chords as well.

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Indiginus Acoustic Guitar part 1

Indiginus Acoustic Guitar part 2

Indiginus Acoustic Guitar part 3

Update Indiginus Acoustic Guitar Collection with Strummaker 3 

Choose from many common chords or create your own chords, 

The Strum Sequencer plays strumming patterns for you. Create your own patterns very easily,

Several guitars to choose from. Edit velocity response to fit your playing style.

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