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Best Service - Kwaya (KONTAKT)

Best Service - Kwaya (KONTAKT)

Best Service - Kwaya is a unique african voices and chants library, aimed at easily creating your own ultra-realistic melodies without using any phrases. Kwaya is an ideal choice for every producer wanting to use distinctive and expressive an authentic African choir in their audio production. Best Service Kwaya allows you to create individual vocal lines and choirs by arranging syllables in different pitches as well as voice effects with the typical sound of African vocalists.  

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The awarded Aba Taano choir consists of four male and two female vocalists which have been recorded separately for this library in Kontakt 5 Player format, allowing you to create individual vocal-ensembles to your specific needs. Being able to freely set the level and pan-positions for each voice, you are given full control over the sound of the choir, resulting in the highest possible versatility.

Best Service Kwaya included:

4 male solo voices
2 female solo voices
5 different true African style legatos (a, e, i, o, u)
"Mmmh articulation"
A powerful Phrase-Arranger with 20 phrases, 8 syllables each*
40 words can be combined with true legato playing while the corresponding vowel is automatically selected
more than 700 voice effects*.
16 soundscapes,
10.000+ samples (mono, 44kHz, 24 bit), Library Size 7 GB uncompressed and 4.5 GB compressed
Free Kontakt Player included (Version 5.5 or higher required)

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