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Neocymatics - Hybrid Strings

Neocymatics - Hybrid Strings

Neocymatics Hybrid Strings - is a new innovative library of stringed instruments for Kontakt. Hybrid Strings contains both solo strings, and sections that will help you achieve superior playability and expressiveness in real time, without compromising on quality and diversity. Size 872 mb

Bow-Change simulation

Real-time portamento/glissando with variable Finger-String contact and full control over portamento time
Fully controlled real-time Vibrato with variety of techniques/intensity
Fully controlled String Resonances/Harmonics for every note
Formant-correct realistic Pitch-Bend action
Real-time control over Attack Dynamics for both monophonic and polyphonic playing
Increased playability with only 3 articulations to cover the full range of playing techniques (staccato, spiccato, legato, pizzicato, tremolo, portamento, polyphonic playing) in only 1 patch per instrument
FX Processor tweaked for every instrument respectively, with assignable controllers for real-time sound morphing
30 custom Impulse Responses that will truly transform your sound, ranging from Short Spaces and Early Reflections to Huge Halls and Concert Stages, all recorded at 96 kHz

Quality: 24 bit 96 kHz stereo
System requirements: NI Kontakt 5.4.1

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